Terms on Use of Hong Kong Line

When using the online ticket service system of this website (hereinafter referred to as the "system") to purchase tickets, the following terms and conditions of Zhongshan-Hong Kong Passenger Shipping Co-op Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") must be observed:

1. Booking service

1.1 The company hereby explicitly reserves the right to add or remove from the "system" at any time and from time to time any passenger transport lines between Zhongshan and Hong Kong whose tickets can be booked through the "system", with or without prior notice.

1.2 Under any circumstances or whether prior notice is given or not, the company is not liable for any damages and / or losses caused to any person by the suspension of any booking service used for booking tickets via the "system".

1.3 The terms and conditions or all the data provided by the "system" may be changed by the company at any time and from time to time without prior notice. The company hereby expressly claims that the company is not liable for any damages and / or losses caused to any person by the changes in such terms and conditions or data. Moreover, under no circumstances shall the company be deemed to guarantee the accuracy and / or sufficiency of such data.

1.4 If any person loses data (including but not limited to the guest's personal data and / or any information related to the guest's ticket booking) due to the use of the system, whether all or part of the data is lost, or whether it happened during the registration, at the booking stage or after the aforesaid procedures, and no matter how it was lost, the company hereby expressly claims that it is not liable for the guests concerned. All risks associated with the lost data must be borne solely by the data providers.

1.5 The company hereby expressly claims that the company is not liable for any damages and / or losses caused by the disclosure, use, application and / or publication of the documents provided by any person and / or any representatives of the person who ask for claim to and/or in any media (including but not limited to the internet) for any purpose by any third party not connected with the company for any reason without the prior consent of the person concerned and the company. All persons concerned are also deemed to have agreed to waive completely their right to claim compensation from the company for the above damages and / or losses.

1.6 Anyone who connects to the system due to booking tickets or other reasons must solely bear the risk arising therefrom. The company hereby makes it clear that the company will not be responsible for the problems (including but not limited to computer viruses that may be transmitted) arising from the connection of these devices to the "system" and / or related networks, nor shall it bear the consequences.

2. Booking procedures

2.1 All tickets purchased through the "system" should be paid by UnionPay card.

2.2 When entering personal data, you must correctly fill in the name, e-mail and valid identification number of the ticket collecting person. Valid certificates accepted by the company include: passports, Hong Kong / Macao / China identity cards or Two-way Permit.

2.3 Anyone who books the ticket via the "system" must provide the company with his personal e-mail address (the relevant e-mail address must be input into the "system" in accordance with the instructions) so as to receive a reply message confirming the booking. Under no circumstance shall the company for any reason be liable to any person who has provided the company with an email address but has not successfully received the confirmation message. For the avoidance of doubt, if the company has computer records for the issuance of a booking confirmation message, the records can be regarded as accurate and uncontroversial evidence.

3. Booking restrictions

3.1 For each online ticket purchase transaction, the maximum number of tickets for each transaction is 9 round-trip tickets.

3.2 A child above the age of 1 must buy a ferry ticket.

3.3 Senior citizens aged 60 or above and children under 5 (excluding 5) can purchase tickets for designated routes of Zhongshan-HK passenger transport at a concessionary price. If the above-mentioned concessionary fares can be enjoyed by customers when booking tickets online and the guest requests this concession, the guest concerned (or any guest who requests the concession on behalf of the passenger) will be fully responsible for proving its eligibility to use the concession to the company at the time of boarding the ship or at any other time the company deems appropriate, and showing the company relevant documents proving its eligibility to use the concession if necessary. The company hereby reserves the right to refuse the boarding of any guest and / or passenger who holds a ticket with a concessionary fare but does not have the privilege to use the ticket.

3.4 The round trip discount package must be purchased at the same time, and the number and type of round trip tickets in a transaction must be the same. It is not allowed to purchase separately or purchase only one of the round trip tickets. Otherwise, the company has the right to refuse to issue tickets or require the guests to make up the corresponding price difference to the company.

3.5 All passengers who order tickets for airport routes through the "system" must pay attention to the requirements of the HK airport authority: (1) passengers who hold valid air tickets for departure of the same date, have confirmed their seats, and also hold valid passports, valid visas and visas required for their intended destination or the next destination can purchase tickets for the route; (2) "minimum connecting time": passengers who transit from Zhongshan port to HKIA must check in at the SkyPier of HKIA 2 hours before the flight takes off, i.e. passengers are not allowed to book tickets for flights which will depart within 190 minutes; (3) the airline to which the air ticket held by the passenger belongs must be the airline participating in the SkyPier transfer service program (available at www.hong kongairport.com). If the passengers fail to meet the above requirements and purchase tickets, the company has the right to refuse the boarding of the passengers and refuse to refund and / or cancel the confirmed tickets.

4. Booking confirmation

4.1 Before payment, the guest has the responsibility to ensure that all the data provided and all the choices made in booking tickets via the "system" are correct. The company is not responsible for any ticket error caused by the guest's mistake in the booking process. The company also hereby expressly claims that the company will not be liable for damages and / or losses caused to the guest for the above reasons. The company will not accept the ticket refund and / or cancellation request for confirmed tickets based on the mistake claimed by the guest.

4.2 Once the transaction is approved, it cannot be cancelled. The money will be deducted from the customer's UnionPay card account in real time. It cannot be cancelled or refunded.

5. Ticket collection

5.1 Passengers who travel along the airport route and hold luggage needing check-in service must collect the booked tickets at least 60 minutes before the departure of the ferry. Other passengers travelling along other routes must collect the booked tickets at least 40 minutes before the departure of the ferry.

5.2 The guest must collect the ticket from the ticket office of the company and the HK ticket offices directly under the Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co., Ltd, with the transaction number and the identity documents used for registration. The ticket collection addresses include:

Ticket office of Zhongshan port passenger transport building (Yanjiang No. 1 East Road, Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhongshan)

Pearl River Passenger Transport, Ground Floor, Seaview Commercial Building, 24 West Connaught Road, Sheung Wan

Shop 305N, Shun Tak Centre, Sheung Wan, HK and Macau Ferry Terminal

Shop 1 – 5A, 1st Floor, HK City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim sha tsui

Shop of Pearl River Travel Co., Ltd., Ground Floor, No. 3 Shanghai Street, Kowloon

5.3 No person who fails to comply with the terms and conditions related to collection of booked tickets has the right to demand refund or replacement of the booked tickets for whatever reason, and the company will not agree to refund or replace the tickets.

5.4 All passengers must ensure that their certificates and endorsements are valid and that sufficient time must be reserved for the check-in and check-out procedures, entry and exit clearance procedures, etc. The company shall not bear any consequences caused by any passenger's failure to board a scheduled ferry for reason, including but not limited to invalidation of certificates and endorsements, and failure to reserve sufficient time for check-in and customs clearance. Therefore, those who fail to take the scheduled ferry for any of the above reasons or cancel the journey themselves do not have the right to demand a refund, cancellation or change of the journey, and the company will not accept such demand.

6. Regulations on getting a refund for tickets and rescheduling the journey

6.1. Changing the ticket: RMB 10 will be charged by the ticket office for change of each ticket, and the price differences must be made up if any.

6.2. Refunding the ticket

A. Stipulations on getting a refund for tickets at Zhongshan area: 15% of the ticket fare will be charged for refund if the passengers apply for refund 2 hours before the departure of the ship; if the application for refund is made less than two hours before the departure, 50% of the ticket fare will be charged; the overdue ticket will become invalid. To get a refund, the passengers need to show their ID cards registered on the tickets for verification.

B. Stipulations on getting a refund for tickets at HK area: refund for the tickets should be applied for 48 hours (calculated according to the date and ferry listed on the tickets) before the departure of the ferry, and 40% of the ticket fare will be charged.

The passengers who have already collected paper tickets from the ticket office or have changed their tickets must apply for refund at the ticket office and cannot go through the refund formalities online.

If the voyage is cancelled due to such force majeure as bad weather or breakdown of the ferry, the passengers may apply for refund directly at the order center before the ferry sets sail; if the ferry has set out, the passengers may apply for refund at the ticket office of Zhongshan port with their tickets or apply for online refund by contacting the customer service within 30 days. They can get a full refund. But no service will be provided for refund after the prescribed time limit.

The passengers who want to upgrade their cabins on the same voyage can change their tickets at the ticket counter by paying the price difference directly. If the passengers want to reschedule their voyage as well as upgrade their cabins, they have to refund the tickets first if they can buy new tickets later; if the passengers need to transfer, they should also apply for refund before purchasing another ticket. The procedures for refund shall be handled according to the above regulations.