Parking Rate of Zhongshan Port Passenger Terminal (RMB)


Small-sized Vehicle


Large-sized Vehicle



Charging Standard

Every half an hour

24 hours

Every half an hour

24 hours

12 hours/time

RMB 1.5

RMB 30


RMB 60




1. No charge for parking less than half an hour.

2. For parking longer than half an hour, charge according to the actual time; for those less than half an hour, charge as half an hour.

3. As to vehicle type, small-sized vehicles refer to the ones with a load of less than 2 tons (excluding 2 tons) or passenger capacity of 19 or less; large-sized vehicles refer to the ones with a load ranging from 2 tons to 10 tons (excluding 10 tons) or passenger capacity above 20; ultra-large vehicles refer to trucks with a load of more than 10 tons.

4. Charge-free vehicles: hospital ambulances for rescue, military and police vehicles for official duties, municipal engineering repair vehicles, disaster relief vehicles, and other charge-free vehicles provided by the laws and regulations are free of parking fees.

5. The ultra-large vehicles is charged according to actual number of occupied parking spaces of small-sized ones.

6. A 20% discount is provided for vehicles with a new-energy license plate approved and issued by the public-security traffic management department.