Luggage Regulations

Any passenger who takes the high-speed catamaran of our company can carry luggage not heavier than 4 kilograms and with the volume not more than 0.028 cubic meters on board free of charge. Luggage whose weight or volume exceeds the above standards may only be checked in with the approval of the carrier, and expenses on luggage transportation shall be paid according to the prescribed standards:

1. Each passenger with economy class tickets can have not more than 23 kilograms of luggage transported free of charge, while passengers with first class or VIP tickets can have not more than 35 kilograms of luggage transported free of charge (except infant tickets). For the excess weight, RMB20 will be charged per 5 kg.

2. Restriction on the volume of luggage to be checked in: length + width + height ≤ 158 cm. For the excess volume, RMB22 will be charged per 0.1 cubic meter.

Warm prompt: According to Article 25 of Chapter 6 of the "Safety Management Rules for High-speed Passenger Ships", luggage and articles of passengers are not allowed to block the passage. Please check in the large luggage before boarding the ship.