Passenger information

Whether an entry or exit passenger shall abide by the frontier inspection, customs and inspection and quarantine departments of the rear can pass inspection.

It is forbidden to passengers carry inflammable, explosive, radioactive items ship, corrosive and toxic substances.

To avoid unnecessary trouble, please understand in detail, and Hong Kong in the provisions of the customs, don't carry do not allow the entry and exit of goods.

Free babies under a year old, reaching the age of one to five children under the age of children need to purchase tickets, no less than five years and adult must buy full price tickets.

Each take economy class tickets passenger checked 23 kg free baggage, VIP tickets or holding first-class passengers check in 35 kg free baggage (except for infant ticket). Beyond weight part of RMB 20 per 5 kg instead.

The volume of the checked baggage restrictions: length + width + high 158 cm or less. Beyond the part volume 0.1 cubic meters per RMB 22 instead.

The valid tickets on the day of duty. Passengers must arrive 30 minutes before shipment if specified by boat wharf, to ship after the departure formalities. Five minutes before sailing stops recount into the gate.

To refund the ticket before shipment 48 hours to zhongshan port booking office to deal with, and to deduct 40% of the ticket. Shipment cancelled due to carrier's liability, please notice, within one month from the date of the ticket refund to the original ticket office or change the ticket. Holiday schedule ticket refund will be subject to the booking office notice, the ticket buyers please pay attention.

Need to change the ticket ticket should be 30 minutes before the flight departure to buy ticket counters or zhongshan port to change ticket, ticket office in the 10 yuan per ticket fee for currency.

Hong Kong international airport route passenger information:

1. Passengers must hold valid and reconfirm that day ticket, valid passport and visa, just can take a boat to leave the country. 20 minutes before sailing, stop the passenger boarding formalities.

2. Buy the ticket before, please pay attention to what the airline to arrange air and boarding services. Consulting (0760)85596350 for details

3. Suggest to arrange flight time, ahead of time arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight.

4. This course is designed for the Hong Kong international airport, the passengers of flight directly, so no Hong Kong entry procedures, for the Hong Kong border on Hong Kong flight line, please.

5. Passengers after the plane, please go to the space and transfer counter to buy tickets, do not receive the luggage, lest cause after Hong Kong business can't take a boat.

Matters not despatched in accordance with guangdong province administration of the Hong Kong and Macao, guangdong province waterway passenger transport rules shall apply.

Sailing from zhongshan port to Hong Kong 51 miles, all the time about 1 hour 30 minutes.

From zhongshan port to the Hong Kong international airport 38 miles, all the voyage time 1 hour and ten minutes.

Due to the high speed passenger ship speed is fast, prohibit passengers leave the passenger compartment on the voyage.

Each ship passenger cabin seats are equipped with life jackets, life vest inside glows with lamp and whistle, passengers can consult the ship attendant when sailing in demonstration of life jackets, or watch the video of the ship to understand life jacket wearing method.

With a sail on passengers feel unwell or have seasickness phenomenon can seat by eye closure in rest, avoid by all means read books and writing when sailing.

Each ship has warm objects and commonly used drugs, passenger crew to request access if necessary.

Passenger ship on the voyage, passengers have a sudden acute disease, can inform the crew, the ship and shore about medical assistance to assist the rescue department requirements.