The airport routes

Step One: purchase the ferry ticket at ZhongShan Port and get register, then take the ferry directly to HongKong Airport.

Step Two: When arrive airport’s SkyPier, remember to take your luggage and check in them on the opposite counters.(Passengers can ignore this step if you have already check-in at ZhongShan Por


 Step Three: Go through the security and obtain your departure tax refund at“The Departure Tax Refund Desk”.

 Step Four: Take 2 Minutes free MTR to the Boarding Gate.

Passengers are required to hold:

1、Valid ferry ticket, valid passport or travel document and visa for intended destinations / onward destinations.

2、Valid air ticket with confirmed seat for same day departure. According to the requirements of airlines, all the passengers must reserve not less than 190 minutes connecting time between ferry departure and flight departure time:

10:00 Only accept flights after 13:10am
12:00 Only accept flights after 15:10pm
15:00 Only accept flights after 18:10pm
18:30 Only accept flights after 21:40pm


*The ferry time will be used on June 17, 2014 Scope of Inapplicability:

1、With purpose of entering Hong Kong for business or travel.

2、Fetching luggage or other articles at the airport hall.

3、Meeting or seeing off friends.

4、Holding the staff air ticket.

5、Flight carriers not within our services.